Operating System Reload

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Operating System Reload
    Many systems can be rejuvenated with a reload of their operating system. When you first bought your computer, it had a brand new operating system on it. Over time your computers operating system can begin to break down. File corruptions, viruses, and even normal use can take its toll on a computers operating system. This does not mean it's time to replace your computer. Why not save money and have the operating system reloaded.

What's included

  • Backup data
  • Reload Windows with the original restore disk*
  • Install all updates and service packs
  • Install most updated device drivers
  • Replace original programs*
  • Install virus protection
  • Restore data

Once you get your computer back it will feel like it did the day your bought it.

*If original restore disk is not available some manufacturers original programs may not be available. We can still reload windows but some programs may need to be substituted.



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