Virus and Spyware Removal

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Virus and Spyware Removal
    Many problems with today's modern computers are associated with viruses and spyware. If your system feels sluggish and not as fast as it once was or locks up all together, it's likely that you could have an infection. CyberCPU has years of experience removing infections from computers.

What's included

  • Data backup
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Adware detection and removal
  • Antivirus software or definition update
  • Operating system update
  • Operating system reload if necessary*

These infections put you at risk by stealing your personal information and spying on you while you use your computer. As the monetary gain for criminals that create these infections grows the problem will continue to get worse. Let us help you. We can remove the infections and have you up and running again in no time. We can also discuss ways that you can avoid future infections. If it's not possible to fix the infections at your home or office, CyberCPU will pick the computer up, conduct work in-house and return it to your home or place of business. Before we leave, your computer will be up and running.

*Some viruses and adware can cause many problems with a computer. Even after removal the effects can sometimes not be reversible. If this is the case, the operating system can be reloaded and your data can be restored.



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